i love how men are always like “hormones” in response to women not acting the way they want them to. hormones. they probably can’t even name one besides estrogen. they don’t even know that a cis man regularly has more estrogen in his body than a cis woman. they don’t even know what hormones do but they just say “hormones” to explain women like, arguing or st when they gotta have Man Yogurt and Man Candles and complain about the little pink spoons at baskin robbins

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the more i do research about sexual assault of female prisoners by male guards

the more disgusted i get with OITNB romanticizing and normalizing the relationship with the guard having sex with a prisoner

Thank you.

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Feminist gamer Anita Sarkeesian’s fight against online threats just earned her a standing ovation 

"One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences," feminist gamer Anita Sarkeesian told the XOXO Festival audience in Portland earlier this week.

Sarkeesian made her first public appearance since threats against the activist and her family drove her into hiding last month. The creator and face of a popular Web series, Feminist Frequency’s Tropes vs. Women, Sarkeesian tackles the use and abuse of women in video games. And all too often, she has found herself the victim of that same kind of abuse. 

Hating her became a viral meme

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Sept. 17 1:10 pm


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mentally ill people are as prone to using abuse tactics as anyone else but let’s not pretend that painting an entire subset of people with a higher need of support as abusers for not meeting neurotypical standards of self-sufficiency isn’t designed to cut them off from the avenues of assistance they depend on lmao

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elsa + feeling distressed

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Protesters from across St Louis turned up and turned out for the first St Louis County Council Meeting since Mike Brown’s Death. (Part IV)

And now for the side show… the STL County Council/police fail at being empathetic, and tone deaf white people are tone deaf (and white). #staywoke #farfromover

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